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The tech industry is evolving crazily fast. Those who will adapt to it - will be the winners.

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Values on the first place

Aiming for innovations

We believe that fresh ideas are necessary for the industry. Therefore we make sure that each of our projects is unique.

Iconic software

We are willing to create software that have every chance of becoming iconic for millions of people worldwide.

Deep devotion

The passion for problem solving and the total dedication to the process help us create exciting projects. We love what we do!

Narnao Labyrinth

Dive into unexplored fantasy world of the Narnao Labyrynth. Create your own collection of characters and compete with other players in a turn-based strategy!

Experience diverse generated battlefields. Hybridize, raise, and trade your characters to possess truly unique combinations of abilities and appearances.

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Cross-Platform build tools and toolkit for games and game engines written in Rust!

The crossbow the project aims to provide a complete toolkit for cross-platform game development in Rust - from project creation to publishing. In addition, the project simplifies the creation, packaging, and signing of Android and iOS applications.

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